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United Kingdom Guide Badge History


This website is the result of much research into Guide badges and is based on information from my collection of badges and Guide Association books. 

    As you browse the site, you will find some badges change names but keep the same design, whilst others keep the name but change the design.  I have indexed the badges by name and aim to include a picture of all the designs used for that badge.  I also aim to include cross references for where the same design has been used for a badge of a different name.  To identify a badge, see the design index.


Over the years, badges have changed in size and materials.  More recently, the shapes have changed too.  See my general guide for these details which are not repeatedly covered under individual badges.


Active Response Accident Prevention Agility Aircraft
Air Mechanic Airwoman Ambulance Angler
Animal Active Aquarist Artist Astronomer
Athlete Authoress    


Backwoodsman Band Basket Maker Basket Weaver
Basket Worker Bee Farmer Bee Keeper Bellringer
Be Prepared Bird Lover Bird Watcher Boatswain
Booklover Braille Braille Communication British Commonwealth and Empire Knowledge
British Commonwealth Knowledge      


Camper Camper Advanced Canoeist Care of Elderly People
Carpenter Caver Caver Advanced Challenge
Chess Child Care Child Nurse Chocolate
Chorister Circus Skills Clerk Cobbler
Collector Commonwealth Commonwealth Knowledge Communicator
Community Action Computer Confectioner Conservation
Cook Country Dancer Craft Crime Prevention
Culture Cyclist    


Dairymaid Dairy Worker Dancer Deaf Awareness
Decorative Needlecraft Dinghy Sailor Discovering Faith Domestic Service
Downhill Skier      


Electrician Embroiderer Embroideress Emergency Helper
Empire Knowledge English Folk Entertainer Europe


Faith Awareness Farmer Farmworker Film Lover
Finding Your Way Fire Brigade Fire Fighter Fire Safety
First Aid Fitness Florist Flower Arranger
Flower Lover Flyer Folk Dancer Folk Singer
Forester Friend to Animals Friend to Deaf People Friend to the Blind
Friend to the Deaf      


Gardener Geologist Guide Friendship Gymnast


Handbell Ringer Handywoman Health Healthy Lifestyles
Heritage Hiker History Lover Hobbies
Holiday Home Defence Homemaker Home Nurse
Horsemanship Horsewoman Hospital Nurse Hostess


Independent Living International Knowledge Interpreter Interpreter to the Deaf


Keep Fit Knitter Knotter  


Lace Maker Landgirl Landworker Language
Laundress Lifesaver Local History  


Manx Folk Map Reader Matron Milliner
Minstrel Music Group Musician Music Lover
Music Zone      


Naturalist Needlecraft Needlewoman Nurse


Oarswoman Observer Outdoor Chef Outdoor Cook
Outdoor Pursuits      


Party Planner Pathfinder Performing Arts Personal Safety
Photographer Pioneer Poultry Farmer Printer


Rabbit Keeper Radio Communication Rambler Reader
Rescuer Rider Rifle Shot Road Safety


Sailor Science Science Investigator Scottish Folk
Scribe Seasons Secretary Short Tennis
Sick Nurse Sight Awareness Signaller Singer
Skater Skier Speaker Spinner
Sports Sportswoman Stalker Stargazer
Star Lover Stitchery Surveyor Survival


Tailor Team Leader Team Player Telegraphist
Thrift Toymaker Traditions of Guiding Traveller


Ulster Folk      


Walking Water Rescuer Water Safety Weather
Weatherman Welsh Folk Windsurfer Woodman
Woodworker World Association World Cultures World Friendship
World Guiding World Issues World Traveller Worldwide

All photographs are my originals, so please do not copy them without contacting
me for permission first.

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